Para toda la familia

Una de las actividades que más realizamos y que más gusta. Y si no tienes nivel, no te preocupes; tenemos un curso a tu medida.

Dificultad adaptada

Para que puedas disfrutar de tu deporte de montaña favorito, hacemos distintas salidas con diferentes grados de dificultad. Así puedes apuntarte al nivel que más te guste.


Y siempre con las miras puestas en la práctica segura del deporte. Para eso tenemos nuestros cursos de refuerzo, nuestras visitas a rocódromos y las prácticas de salvamento y socorrismo.



Orientation Camp - Camp with a horse under the stars

With the longest stretch of uninterrupted beach and mesmerizing bays and lagoons, we boast of an ideal place to enjoy the sport to the hilt. Added to it our top notch and latest modern equipments and exceptionally talented and experienced professionals.

Treasure Hunts - Find a Bear Teddy

We also have an arrangement with number of hotels in the vicinity to ensure that you have the most amazing and economic deal made available to you.

Tours - Checkpoint yourself

We not only have the basic and few luxurious amenities in even our budget rooms to make your stay pleasant and comfortable but we also have our own range of catering services for you to enjoy world class cuisine of all leading international taste to whet your appetite and revel in it.

Treasure Hunt
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Treasure Hunt

The facility can be easily pre-booked or opted for on spot at amazing economic rates. To make your stay the most pleasurable experience of your life we have a range of rooms’ right from the budget ones to the five star beach condominiums.


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